On this page you can find a selection of my own choreographic projects as well as collaborations I did as a dancer and performer.

The works I produce with the b/w*itch-collective are visible at their homepage.


dance, co-choreography

a multimedia performance by Anngret Schultze premiering on december 8th 2023 at Monsun Theater Hamburg.

Teaser by Caren Wuhrer

In FACES, dance, language, 3D animations and soundscapes oscillating between hyperpop and techno are interwoven into a performance on the subject of identity, digitality and consumability. A dancer and her digital images meet – the boundaries between analog space and the digital sphere become permeable. What versions of ourselves do we find when we shape our images beyond an aesthetic that is smooth and consumable?

FACES addresses the ordinariness, the comfortable normality of constantly viewing and producing our curated selves. An interplay begins between the pleasure of self-dramatization and the horror of neoliberal ego-centricity. We submit to the contemplative gaze with relish. The face, which has always been the subject of portraits, self-portraits and selfies, becomes the scene of identity, attribution and change.
“Welcome to my Self.”

by & with
concept, artistic direction: Anngret Schultze
Media art, 3D animation: Helene Kummer
dance: Kattalin Mitxelena Newiger
Consulting Stage: Carolina Burandt
consulting Costume: Johanna Winkler
graphic design: tiny_dash2000
teaser: Caren Wuhrer


concept, choreography, performance

a dance performance premiered on june 24th at Kampnagel Hamburg in cooperation with k3 Tanzplan Hamburg.

photo: Öncü Gültekin

Post Gravity Bodies explores a movement repertoire beyond a hierarchized above and below. Three dancers and a musician deprive the feet, the singing voice and the spoken word of their bearings. Post Gravity Bodies invites you to a sensory journey through space, where bodies float and nothing falls – for where could they fall? Kattalin Newiger Mitxelena and her team explore the concept of weightlessness from the perspectives of choreography and dance history. With the means of music, sculpture and dance, they create a poetic, weightless space on stage. Bodies shed the social order of an above and below.

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Funded by Behörde für Kultur und Medien Hamburg, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung and Mara und Holger Cassens Stiftung.


concept, choreography, performance

photo: Emma Szábo

The dance piece HASIERAN was choreographed by Kattalin Newiger Mitxelena after her research semester in the basque country in 2020 at the international center of Arts Kampnagel, Hamburg, Germany in July 2021.
She mixes basque mythology, as the story of the goddess Amari with somatic research on fluids: both sources used in ideologies of genesis.

Hasieran means in the beginning.
In the beginning was a pose. In the beginning there was music. In the beginning there was desire. In the beginning could have been a goddess being. In the beginning there might have been water. At the beginning could.
The question of origin pervades the political, aesthetic and private – in places of birth, in genders, in biology. In attempts at revival of rituals and traditions discharge the longing for the naming of the origin. But the origin always remains veiled: origin whether in conceptions of God or explanations of evolution, always myth. HASIERAN examines the goddess and the water using choreographic, musical and sculptural tools to reveal their aesthetic and political dimensions. A space opens up in which explanatory patterns as projections of imagination are meant to be remystified and every origin is now.

Franca Burandt [composition, performance],
Berenike Wuhrer [composition, musik, performance], Anngret
Schultze [composition, scenography, outside body, coach],
Carolina Burandt [scenography], Johanna Winkler [composition,
costume], Caren Wuhrer

Teaser: Caren Wuhrer
filmed by Christian Grundey

Trilogy: Excuse me I have a body or how to arrive on shifting grounds.

chreography, performance

A digital input at a workshop lead by Anngret Schultze at University Hamburg, February 2021.

filmed by Nicolas Hüdepohl

SO SOFT. A Queer-Boy-Experience.

drag-performance, co-host

by & with Frauen and Fiktion, Kattú Newiger Mitxelena, Anngret Schultze. Supportet by Marylin Nova White.

A Telegram-museum on maskulinity, gender and softness.
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A b/w*itch quarantine production inspired by Silvia Federici’s Book Caliban And The Witch: Women, The Body, and Primitive Accumulation.

TENTACLE DANCES – feel jazz festival 2020

performance, co-choreography

a decentralized, durational performance.
by & with Franca Luisa Burandt, Verena Steiner, Kattalin Newiger Mitxelena


concept, performance, choreography

A solo dance performance, that negotiates the image of the physical tabula rasa, the blank piece of paper. It creates a laboratory in which the measured body oscillates between execution and the subversive appropriation of customary regularities on his physique. The forward-looking journey bumps the audience into something grotesque: Self-glorification and sexuality beyond gender.


dance education and film

A young-old theatreproject, Theater der Erfahrungen, 2019, Berlin-Schöneberg.
Artistic direction and theatre education: Petra Newiger


composition and performance

Artistic final project at MA Performance Studies, Kampnagel Hamburg, 2019.
Concept, composition and performance: Verena Steiner
Composition and performance: Franca Burandt, Kattalin Newiger Mitxelena


performance, co-choreography

Scholarly exchange between Performance Studies Hamburg, HfMT Hamburg and Drama Academy Kharkiv (Ukraine), December 2018 – March 2019.

An der Schwelle


Performance with the TanzKompanie University Mainz at PAD (Performance Art Depot), 2018.
Direction: Ute Faust
Dramaturgy: Richard Weber.

Die wilde Käthe (UA)


Theatre piece for children betrween 4 and 12 years
at childrens theatre festival Kammerspiele Mainz, 2018.
direction: Katharina Bahlmann and Ute Faust.

photo and video credits: Nicolas Hüdepohl


performance, choreography

Short film by Nicolas Hüdepohl, January 2018.


conception and direction

Lab with the TanzKompanie University Mainz, 2017.
Direction: Ute Faust.

Heute wär’ ich lieber Du


Dance performance walk by the TanzKompanie University Mainz, 2016.
Direction: Ute Faust
Dramaturgy: Richard Weber.

Ich möchte schlafen aber Du musst tanzen.


Danceperformance with the TanzKompanie University Mainz at PAD (Performance Art Depot Mainz), 2015.
Direction: Ute Faust
Dramaturgy: Richard Weber.